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House Washing

Remove algae, dirt, webs & stains from your house… Watch how we make it look new again…FAST!

House Washing SURFACES

Brick houses require a good washing to remove algae and dirt. Expect your red bricks to look amazing too!

House washing a brick home includes all trim, windows, fascia, and gutters; everything except the roof.

Black chimney soot requires an add-on service, because specific detergents are required to remove the stain.

Understandably, stucco-house owners want to be sure the surface of the house isn’t chipped, or damaged in any way.

The stucco house washing process is virtually the same as vinyl siding… soap on, rinse off with low pressure.

White stucco trim and decorative surfaces POP again!

House Washing

“I needed my home washed quickly to enable me to list it. Big clean gave me an early appointment and a reasonable price and did an excellent job…highly recommend”

Jason R.

“I hired Alan and Big Clean based on a very competitive quote that I received to pressure wash my house and vinyl fence. Alan was very punctual, performed outstanding customer service, and the quality of work was outstanding! I will be rehiring Big Clean to perform my next power washing job!

Sarah H.

“Big Clean did a great job! Alan arrived early for our scheduled appointment. He did a thorough job of pressure washing the exterior of our house. It looks new again! We will not hesitate to use them again! Thanks for your hard work!

House Washing GUIDES

Soft Wash vs. Power Wash EXPLAINED

Don’t you agree, every industry has it’s ‘hype’ or ‘hooks’ to sell the latest and greatest product or service?

No different in the pressure washing industry… “Soft Wash” is now the big buzzword… versus power or pressure washing.

Bottom-line… the right tools, used by an experienced Pro, equals… quality results, with no damages, at fair prices.

Proven 3 Steps House Washing PROCESS

Our time & energy go into being the most efficient residential pressure washing company in Charlotte, NC.

Efficiency + smart tools + proven methods = Cheaper. Big Clean HQ Clients enjoy lower prices for top-tier quality!

Make an informed decision. Avoid Costly Amateur Mistakes!


Remove Rust Stains From Your House

Most common cause is the white HVAC pipe sticking out from the attic of the house.

The Constant drip over time creates this type of rust stain. Truth is, you’ll need a Pro to get rid of this one.

NOTE: Direct pressure, nor house washing soap can remove this tough stain.

gutter polishing

Remove Grey Streaks With Gutter Whitening

Rain dripping from roof shingles causes grey streaks on your white gutters.

NOTE: Pressure washing, nor house washing soap can remove these streaks.

#1 remedy is to polish gutters with a hand brush until streaks are gone. 

Concrete Cleaning

Brighten & Renew Your Concrete Driveway… Watch how we make it happen…FAST!

Concrete Cleaning 

Pressure Washing Concrete Driveway

Driveway cleaning is one of the fastest ways to increase curb appeal and freshen up your property.

Whether it’s Spring Time, or you’re getting ready to list your house… driveway cleaning returns a huge positive impact!

Combine driveway cleaning with house washing and receive instant discounts, anytime!

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Pressure washing your concrete patio instantly improves your living space.

It can be a fire pit in the cooler months… or backyard cookouts in the Summer… beautifying your patio is worth it!

Combine concrete patio cleaning with house washing and instantly save with Big Clean HQ’s Bundle Service Discounts!

Concrete Cleaning

Shelley O.

“Alan was awesome! He was able to come out within 24 hours of reaching out for pressure washing. Gave me a quote quickly, was on time. The house looks amazing! Drive way and porch were unbelievable transformation. Will definitely hire again and refer to friends. “

Ellen V.

“To say I’m impressed is an understatement! Very courteous, rapid response, very, very nice job! I highly recommend Big Clean!!!”

Six Reasons Why You’ll Love Big Clean’s Pressure Washing Service

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Big Clean’s house washing service consistently gets high marks and raving testimonials from the following Consumer Authorities.

Pressure Washing Charlotte Homes IS What We Do

Big Clean HQ is the residential power washing service busy people rely on! We understand your schedule is packed and you don’t have time to wait days to get pricing, or wait weeks to get the power washing services you need.

Whether you need to prep your house to sell, need to get your deck or house washed before painting it, we bring the experience to get the job done right.

We are a full-service pressure cleaning business that can help with all services including, wood, concrete, stucco, vinyl and more. We’re experts at prepping homes for sale and end of year maintenance such as cleaning gutters and deck washing.  Our soft-wash techniques allows us to deliver a top job with less force, which protects your buildings and belongings.

That’s why Big Clean HQ doesn’t waste your time with a low-ball quote that we later tack a lot of extra fees onto. Instead, you get an accurate price on your pressure washing service, and our prices won’t suddenly increase on the day the work, which is how “free estimates” are designed. Call for prices, now.

When you choose Big Clean HQ you are getting our expert power washing team to provide you with answers to your questions based on their years of hands-on practice with a wide variety of cleaning challenges in the North Carolina area.

We use top-of-the-line equipment, give you an accurate prices you can rely on, and a professional-grade pressure wash job you’ll be proud of – all while avoiding the pitfalls of working with amateur’s and handyman guys.

Your satisfaction is everything. We back up our work with our rock-solid money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose. Request accurate pricing for the pressure washing services you need for your home in the Charlotte area today! Remember, we specialize in power washing and pressure cleaning services for all sorts of surfaces surrounding your home!

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