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Wooden & Composite Deck and Patio Washing

Knock out your fences and your deck or patio in one fell swoop.

Have you wondered, “Where can I find deck power washing services near me?” Big Clean HQ is here to help!

Our professionals can power wash your deck or patio, regardless of the material of which it’s made. If your patio is made of concrete, we can clean it. If your patio is made of composite material, you can count on us.

If your deck is constructed from wood, we can power wash it back to a fresh new look, too. Our deck and patio power washing services are made to breathe life into your home. Plus, pressure washing wooden decking is ideal preparation for applying a stain.

If you’re sick of looking at an old, outdated fence and decking structure, now’s the time to call in the power washing pros here at Big Clean HQ.

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The Benefits of Professional Power Washing

There’s nothing like professional power washing services to deep-clean the exterior surfaces of your home. Eliminating the slipping hazards of mildew and moss on the deck or getting debris out of the gutters can make a dramatic difference to your property.

To illustrate that further, consider some of the key perks that come from regular patio and deck power washing:

  • A sparkling exterior to greet friends and family
  • Enhanced curb appeal for your home
  • An extended roof life
  • Removal of mold, mildew and moss — and their accompanying damages
  • Eliminated slipping hazards from decks and patios
  • Cleaned gutters to prevent mold and water damage
  • Prevention of further property damage

From the black algae that eats away at limestone to the mildew, mold and moss that make deck surfaces slippery, these conditions tend to worsen over time. If left unchecked, these problems could shorten the life of your outdoor surfaces, leaving you to replace them sooner than you’d like.

Now is the time to get your home power washed!

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If you want your deck cleaned right the first time,
with no-damages to the wood, at the best prices…
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Annually eliminates algae, dirt & mildew maintaining stain & paint wood protectors.

Reveals the natural wood under all the wear-n-tear, Guaranteed!

Renews your yards overall appeal. Get wood fence prep for stain.

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