The Benefits of Power Washing Your Patio

/The Benefits of Power Washing Your Patio
The Benefits of Power Washing Your Patio 2018-02-21T18:22:06+00:00


The Benefits of Concrete Cleaning & Power Washing Your Patio

Concrete Patio Power WashingDo you have a concrete patio tacked on to your home? When’s the last time you gave it any attention?

Give your patio a good, honest look.

Is it covered in grime and mold?

Now is as good a time as any to give your patio a thorough concrete cleaning from Big Clean HQ.

IMPORTANT! We can experience 50 inches of water per year here in Charlotte, and all that wet weather leads to mildew buildup and a grimy patio…. especially if the concrete surface gets little daily sunlight.

Wipe Out Mold

Pressure washing offers a number of benefits, including its impact on built-up mold.

As your patio weathers those 50 inches of yearly rainfall, it becomes a host to mold.

This mold can be slippery – turning your patio into a hazard – and it can be dragged into the interior of your home as people and animals clop past your patio into your abode.

If you notice that your patio is brown and green instead of concrete-grey, it’s time to call in your pro-pressure washers.

Enhance Your Home’s Value

It only takes a day to boost your home’s value with power washing services.

A clean patio – as well as a clean deck, clean siding, and clean fencing – can greatly improve the value of your home. Your home will look years younger with a speedy pressure washing session from Big Clean.

Now, that can mean a much higher price tag on your home, and thousands more dollars in your pocket as you pass the deed to its next owner.

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