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Taking Out Grapevine Grime

While grapevines are well suited for planting near the wall of your home and their vines are appealing throughout the seasons, they can leave residue along your wall as the years pass. Now, during the summer years, your grape foliage will likely cover unsightly stains and grime, but as fall rolls around, you’re sure to see grime buildup and residue that’s been left by your vines. Now’s the time to get clean with pressure washing services from Big Clean, your Charlotte-area power washing company. Get Rid of Vine Grime Your patio’s your outdoor oasis, and it’s a space that you cherish. But you’ve found that the grapevines that you planted a decade ago have overgrown their bounds. They’re crawling beyond their lattice. Now, they’re all over the brick of your home. They completely blot out the sun. And they’re making their way into the roof gutter - and that can mean a major clog. It’s time to tame your vines. You pull out your pruning shears and your loppers. Starting with some


Pressure Washing for Party Time

Summertime means party time. As summer comes into full swing, now’s the time to get outdoors and get partying. It’s an exciting time, and as the world’s best host, you couldn’t be more prepared. So, you’ve opened up your pool, you’ve cleaned out the filter, and you’ve perfectly balanced the pH levels. You’ve uncovered your grill, and you’ve cleaned the grate. Then you purchased four bags of charcoal, and 18 bottles of lighter fluid. You stocked your freezer with 20 pounds of hot dogs, five full chickens, and half of a cow. You even purchased a four-pack of veggie burgers for your cousin Rachel. On top of that, you built 45 kabobs. You purchased 800 dollars worth of completely legal fireworks. You combed your shedding dog so that the Clarkson boys don’t sneeze from their allergies. You trimmed the claws on your cat so that it doesn’t maim the Clarkson boys (everyone knows that Priscilla is prone to freaking out at the sound of a sneeze). You built your own kegerator


Tips for Keeping Your Home Clean

We’re here to ensure that your exterior surfaces are sparkling. That’s why we provide pressure washing services. Pressure washing is simply the most effective, most efficient way to clean your deck, your patio, your driveway, and the facade of your home. But at the end of the day, our services don’t extend to the interior of your home. However, we’re going to take a moment today to provide some tips to keep your interior spaces as clean as your Big-Clean-power-washed exteriors (we’ll be continuing this blog stream in upcoming articles, by the way, so check back for more tips!). Your Garage Your garage is the junk drawer of your home. And it’s the place you store dirty tools, dirty cars, and dirt for your garden. When it gets too much to bear, it’s time to set aside the afternoon (or the weekend) aside to clean up. Cutting Clutter You have 13 projects sitting stagnant on your workbench. You have six power tools that don’t work. You have two power tools that do.


Keep Your Pool Area Safe

Sure, they can seep into the pool water and turn your emerald-colored oasis into a green stew, and that’s bad enough. And sure, they can clog a pool filter in a jiff. But what’s worse is that a bit of mold and grime can become as slippery as a grease spill. And with tots and tykes running full sprint around your pool, the tiniest bit of mold becomes a major liability. Oh, and beyond that, mildew around your pool just doesn’t look good. Pressure Washing Your Pool-Area Concrete for Safety It’s a joyous Saturday. The sun is shining. The birds are chirping. Bees are buzzing near the crabapple tree. A soft wind rolls in from the northwest at four miles per hour - or perhaps it’s four-and-a-half miles per hour. There isn’t a cloud in this galaxy (or even the Andromeda galaxy for that matter). There’s charcoal smoldering on the grill. Ribs have been marinating in the kitchen refrigerator for 72 hours. Children frolic through the green grass as you check the


Pressure Washing for Father’s Day

This Father’s Day, give the gift of a clean home with pressure washing from Big Clean! Dad’s domain is often the outdoors, and we’re here to make sure that your property is looking its absolute best. Make your papa proud of his domain with power washing! Pressure Washing Your Deck Oh how Pop prides himself in his deck. Legend has it that he built the thing with his bare hands (of which he reminds you on every occasion he gets). Each galvanized nail was hand-selected according to it’s weight, balance, and straightness. Each board was hand cut from redwood that was dried over warm coals for four days and five nights (and the story goes that the soul of the redwood forest resides in a knot within the board right before the doorway). It took three years to sand the boards (silk was used in lieu of sandpaper). The lacquer is a secret mixture of tree saps that have been imported from Japan, Portugal, Ghana, and West Virginia (there may also be


What to Know about Hiring a Residential Pressure Washing Service – Part I

What do you need to know about hiring a pressure washing company for your home? Well, there’s a list of answers to that question - and it’s this question that we’ll be answering throughout the next few posts in this blog series. When it comes time to choose the optimal pressure washing company, it’s important to learn about the experience of the team you’re hiring, their integrity as a group, the quality of service they provide, the guarantee behind their work, and the testimonials that back up that work. Today, we’re going to talk about the value of a team with experience. Experience & Big Clean Pressure Washing Here at Big Clean, we have over a decade of experience in the cleaning business. Experience lends itself to a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and it speaks to our passion for providing premium power washing services. It also means fewer mistakes, and a safe environment for ourselves and our clients. Our Knowledge When it comes to proper power washing, knowledge counts. We know the


What to Know about Hiring a Residential Pressure Washing Service – Part II

When it comes to any work around your home - nay, your castle - you want a business that you can trust. You want a business with integrity. Here at Big Clean, we understand the value of integrity, and it’s one pillar that forms the foundation of our pressure washing business. Alongside experience, quality, our guarantee, and our testimonials, our integrity is one element of our elite business and our premium pressure washing services. When it comes to providing pressure washing for folks here in the Charlotte area, we’re proud to provide high-quality service that’s synonymous with integrity. So let’s take a moment to talk about what integrity means to us, and why integrity provides a value unparalleled in our line of work. Big Clean Integrity Integrity means setting standards high and sticking to them. It means executing excellence in every facet of our business. It means complete professionalism from phase one until job completion. It means absolute customer satisfaction. When you hire a team to work on your home, you want


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