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Welcome to Our Cleaning Blog

Welcome to Big Clean’s blog feed! We’re your Charlotte area cleaning company, and we offer a variety of services. Our cleaning technicians specialize in pressure washing and power cleaning home exterior surfaces, gutter cleaning services, window cleaning, and dryer vent cleaning. As you can tell, cleaning is our passion, and it’s what we’ll be talking about in our upcoming blogs! So stay posted as the days, weeks, and months fly by; and check back to learn the latest on the world of cleaning. We’ll be talking about tips and tricks, facts and figures, and news and information surrounding all things clean. Today, we’ll be talking about our most popular service, our power washing! We can pressure wash all of the following surfaces around your home: Vinyl Siding or Brick Regardless of the material that wraps around the facade of your home, we can clean it. Regain the look of your castle with a quick pressure wash from the pros here at Big Clean! Your Concrete Driveway & Patio Driveway looking dirty and dingy? Revitalize the drive with a quick power wash. We’ll have your driveway looking perfectly new. Your


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Hire Our Power Washers, Don’t Rent Equipment

There are plenty of do-it-yourselfers out there in the world, and power to them! It’s great to take on your own project and see it through to the end. However, we’re here today to advocate that pressure cleaning should be left to the pros. Renting a pressure cleaner and getting to work may seem like a simple enough task, but there are a few considerations you should take into account before making the leap: Rental Cost vs. Service Cost Renting a pressure washer for the day is rather comparable to our pressure washing service fees. It’s in our best interest (and our clients’ best interests) to keep our prices competitive. If you don’t believe us, call us for a free quote on your upcoming pressure washing services. Insurance & Safety Here at Big Clean, we’re properly insured and protected in the event of an accident. That means peace of mind for our clients. Moreover, we know how to operate our equipment safely. We can even tackle high-up power washing projects if you have a two-or-more story home or building that requires siding cleaning. Practice Makes Perfect We’re all about


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Why Choose the Big Clean Team?

When it comes to hiring a pressure washing company, there’s only one choice - that’s Big Clean of Charlotte. Our expert cleaning technicians know how to get the job done properly, on time. When it comes to value, we’re unbeatable. We provide exceptional service, accurate and competitive pricing, and flexibility. Our Exceptional Service Our power washing services are unparalleled. When you call on us to get clean, we get all of the grime. We’ll scour your surface to make sure we get every bit of dirt; and that means we will leave your surfaces looking brand new. Our Pricing We provide fair pricing on our projects, and a value that you simply can’t find anywhere else. We’ll provide you with an accurate, fair quote upfront. No surprises. No hidden costs. You’ll know exactly what to expect when the bill arrives. And of course, our estimates are free. Our Flexibility We’ll work around your schedule to perform pressure washing for you. If you’re a homeowner, we can coordinate a time that isn’t intrusive on your schedule. If you’re a business owner and need our services, we can work out a


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Preparing Your Home for the Ultimate BBQ Summer

The summer breezes are rolling in, and summertime goes hand-in-hand with barbecue. So now’s the time to reclaim your outdoor oasis. Today, we’re talking tips to turning your backyard into the ultimate summertime hangout location. Take our advice Power Wash Outdoor Grill, and you’re sure to have the best summer barbecues yet. Get Clean Alright, first things first. It’s time to get clean with pressure washing from Big Clean. It’s a shameless plug, true, but you’ll impress guests and revitalize the look of your home with power washing services from Big Clean of Charlotte. Our professional power washers can clean your home’s siding, patios, driveway, fencing, and most importantly, your deck. You can’t have a barbecue without a deck, and you can’t have the ultimate barbecue without a pristine, freshly lacquered deck. Before you host a big bash, give us a call to revitalize your home’s exteriors and surrounding with power washing. Install Games Do you have games in your yard? If not, now’s the time to get’em. If you have a large yard, consider installing a volleyball or badminton net. Or set up croquet for the day. Small


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Prepping For Paint

Your paint is chipping off your home’s wooden siding. Your home looks withered, weathered, and beaten down. It’s time to paint. You dream of new hues, your home is a blank canvas. With a tabula rasa, a blank slate, you saunter to the nearest hardware store or paint shop for the best colors to suit your abode. It’s exciting, butterflies bubble up in your belly as you ponder the possibilities. Maybe you’ll go with maroon siding, and white trim: Classic. Or perhaps you’re thinking of deep dark eggplant purple alongside a lively green trim: Modern. Finally you decide on the perfect colors for your home… a rusted, cloudy seafoam for the siding, gray edging, and bright bold brown-mustard yellow for the door. Now, there’s prep work to be done. It’s time to peel away chipped paint, sand down imperfections, power wash your surfaces, dry, and paint. Peeling Paint With walls of paint peeling away, you’ll want to pick up some scrapers. Scrape away loose paint, paint bubbles, and any other imperfections off of your wooden siding. You don’t have to make your wall perfectly smooth yet, the next step


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Taking Out Grapevine Grime

While grapevines are well suited for planting near the wall of your home and their vines are appealing throughout the seasons, they can leave residue along your wall as the years pass. Now, during the summer years, your grape foliage will likely cover unsightly stains and grime, but as fall rolls around, you’re sure to see grime buildup and residue that’s been left by your vines. Now’s the time to get clean with pressure washing services from Big Clean, your Charlotte-area power washing company. Get Rid of Vine Grime Your patio’s your outdoor oasis, and it’s a space that you cherish. But you’ve found that the grapevines that you planted a decade ago have overgrown their bounds. They’re crawling beyond their lattice. Now, they’re all over the brick of your home. They completely blot out the sun. And they’re making their way into the roof gutter - and that can mean a major clog. It’s time to tame your vines. You pull out your pruning shears and your loppers. Starting with some major vines that go right into the soil, you cut and cut and cut. You fill up


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Keep Your Pool Area Safe

Sure, they can seep into the pool water and turn your emerald-colored oasis into a green stew, and that’s bad enough. And sure, they can clog a pool filter in a jiff. But what’s worse is that a bit of mold and grime can become as slippery as a grease spill. And with tots and tykes running full sprint around your pool, the tiniest bit of mold becomes a major liability. Oh, and beyond that, mildew around your pool just doesn’t look good. Pressure Washing Your Pool-Area Concrete for Safety It’s a joyous Saturday. The sun is shining. The birds are chirping. Bees are buzzing near the crabapple tree. A soft wind rolls in from the northwest at four miles per hour - or perhaps it’s four-and-a-half miles per hour. There isn’t a cloud in this galaxy (or even the Andromeda galaxy for that matter). There’s charcoal smoldering on the grill. Ribs have been marinating in the kitchen refrigerator for 72 hours. Children frolic through the green grass as you check the pH balance in your pool. It’s perfect. You shout to the jubilant youth that surrounds you and


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Why PROFESSIONAL Pressure Washing Services Doesn’t Mean Higher Prices

My hunch is you're busy, and you don’t have a whole lot of time to spend on booking a pressure washing service. I’m certain you want to find a power wash solution that won’t break-the-bank, nor find you with property damages because you hired an amateur. Here’s a quick tip: Professional pressure washing services in Charlotte, like Big Clean HQ can be affordable with top quality workmanship. Clearly, You have plenty of pressure washing services to choose from… if it’s ok - can I share with you why working with Big Clean removes any worries you may have when hiring a pressure washing company. Stress-Free Pressure Washing Charlotte! ONE: Residential pressure washing is what we specialize in - you can see by the 100’s of Five Star Reviews online - and you’ll also want to know - Big Clean was voted Best of the Best on both HomeAdvisor.com and Thumbtack.com. TWO: Yes - we are licensed, and insured with Nationwide. We’re happy to have Nationwide send you our Coverage Certificate so you know you’re covered. The good news is… we have a 100% track record with regards to pressure washing


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The Paradox of Choice when Hiring Pressure Washing Services

If you dive even a little bit into the residential pressure washing service in Charlotte, NC then you’ll quickly realize... literally over 1000 people offer power wash services. According to Angieslist.com, there’s 1020+ pressure washing services in Charlotte - Angie recommends that you avoid 909 of them. As of this post, Homeadvisor.com touts 368 companies in Charlotte who offer pressure washing services through their service. Here’s the rub… The majority of people offering residential pressure washing services, do it as a side service or “convenient” add-on. As with all jack-of-all-trades handyman, or starving painting companies that will take any work to make a buck… you typically find costly pitfalls for you. When it comes to hiring a pressure washing company, expert know-how and experience saves you time, money and aggravation… here’s how. Inexperienced handymen don’t know the secrets about pressure washing a vinyl, brick or stucco house. The biggest secret is, you don’t use direct pressure EVER. Direct pressure will create permanent markings on your house because they get to close and strip the surface. Inexperienced, or uncaring pressure washer’s use high volume industrial strength bleach. Overuse of bleach is


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At Last! Fail-Safe Pressure Washing Services

1. You’re Protected Always: Big Clean is licensed and insured, and we skillfully protect to your property by using expert power washing techniques. I'm a Homeowner too... when a service vendor comes to the house, I want to know everyone is covered in case of an accident. Stuff-happens... so we cover ourselves ;-) Pressure washing requires skill and experience, to avoid the pitfalls Weekend Warriors know all to well. 2. You’re Guaranteed Happiness: Big Clean strives to provide you with quality pressure washing services every-time. Sometimes stuff happens… If we mess up - we pay up! If something’s not right, we fix it. Guaranteed. This isn't lip-service... we're Human... we've made mistakes... but we fix them and make sure you're Happy. 3. You Get Accurate Pricing: Don’t be lured-in by low-ball quotes. At Big Clean HQ you get upfront accurate pricing guaranteed to be the same price when we arrive to do the work, which is not the case with free estimates. Let's discuss the details and make sure pressure washing your house is a positive experience. 4. Reliable & On-Time: Big Clean Power Washing Technicians arrive on the agreed hour…


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