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Pressure Washing Fences in Waxhaw 28173

Late last week I was pressure washing in Waxhaw, NC 28173. A great spot off Tom Short Road, not to far from Blakeney Racquet and Swim Club. The job was pressure washing a 4 feet high, white picket fence on a corner lot, with great shade-trees and privacy-hedges. The key to these conditions for your house, deck and fence… maintenance :-) A shady Park-like property as this one, provides the perfect environment to grow green algae, moss and mildew, especially in the later Summer months. Nature loves these conditions, and churns out natural organic growth everywhere it can around the exterior of your house. Pressure washing fences and decks, coupled with sealing them once dried, extends the life of the wood. Left unchecked, it will breakdown and require expensive replacement at best, and at worst, deck safety can be a concern. Annual pressure washing maintenance in the aforementioned conditions is highly recommended by power washing professionals. Removing organic growth will lengthen the life of any exterior surface while providing you with a clean fresh space to enjoy. Pressure Washing Vinyl Fences VS. Wood Fences When green algae, dirt, and


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