Why “Free Estimates” offered by Pressure Washing Services is a Con-Game

//Why “Free Estimates” offered by Pressure Washing Services is a Con-Game

Pressure Washing Con ManPicture this…

A power washing guy gives you an approximate cost (An Estimate) he will charge you for the pressure washing work you want done…

But first… You will pay him $50 for the Estimate.

In other words, he won’t tell you how much his pressure washing services are unless you pay him $50 first.

LOL… I know… it sounds so ridiculous… Would you ever pay a power wash guy for an estimate?

HAVE you ever paid a power wash guy for an estimate?

Seriously… Ask your neighbors, friends, family and the guy on line at Harris Teeter, if they ever paid for a pressure washing estimate in and around Charlotte, NC.

I’m so sure about this… I’ll buy you dinner at one of Charlotte’s finest restaurants if you know someone who literally paid for a pressure washing service estimate… no joke.

I find this to be a fact… not an opinion… which is why I am begging for someone to tell me WHY?

Why do power wash guys always offer residential homeowners- Free Estimates?

Pressure Washing Free EstimatesAre we as homeowners lured by this?

Are we robots when we hear the word free?

If I’m being honest… It sounds shady to me… First… you’re getting something that is admittedly inaccurate… and second, it’s free… so you’re getting something you can’t rely on, for free… see what I mean ????

It’s hilarious when you think about it… Yet, just about every power wash guy in Charlotte puts “Free Estimates” on their trucks, business cards, websites and anywhere they can fit it…

Residential Pressure Washing Prices

How bout instead of an empty worthless promise like a Free Estimate – you get a…

That’s right… an actual price for the work you’re asking for… not a slippery estimate.

Here’s How It Works

1.  Select the services you want.

 2. Answer a couple of fast, easy questions.

 3. Get your accurate price & schedule the work.

Lining up appointments at your house with power wash guys so they can give you an estimate is so 20th Century. Stop wasting your valuable time and avoid the nonsense by enjoying a Free Accurate Price… Now, or whenever you want it.

The best part about getting fast, easy Accurate Prices is… Your Price is Guaranteed. It will NOT increase the day of the job.

And if all that isn’t knocking your socks off… you get your Accurate Price in Minutes… not hours, days or even a week with some guys…

Can you believe it..? You get a Free Accurate Price – instead of a planned to increase approximate cost… or free estimate.

You see… by design, estimates will usually increase when the service provider shows up the day of the job… These guys low-ball their estimates to get the job

You know the type… the Olde… Bait & Switch tactic… don’t fall for it…

The common song and dance goes something like this.

Mr. Jones when we spoke on the phone I thought the size of the porch was smaller – we’re going to need another $49.99 to get the porch done… and while we’re at it Mr. Jones we have a super-duper cleaning method to get those gutters nice and white… that’s going to be another 69.99 … shall we go ahead and get’er done?

After all, you asked him to come to your house based on an estimated cost… now you’re in his “Shop” and he’s going to let you know that based on what you said on the phone – he thought it was smaller, or not as dirty – or some reason why the price will have to increase- and that’s before all the upselling … so think about it…

You’re busy… who has time for this nonsense…

Instead… here’s the service, here’s the price, you get fast quality work and we live happily ever after as Homeowner & Pressure Washing Company!

What do you say… want to give us a shot… we’re only asking for a first date… after that, if you like us… maybe we’ll do it again… shall we? Call us Big Clean HQ.

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