What to Know about Hiring a Residential Pressure Washing Service – Part I

//What to Know about Hiring a Residential Pressure Washing Service – Part I

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What do you need to know about hiring a pressure washing company for your home? Well, there’s a list of answers to that question – and it’s this question that we’ll be answering throughout the next few posts in this blog series. When it comes time to choose the optimal pressure washing company, it’s important to learn about the experience of the team you’re hiring, their integrity as a group, the quality of service they provide, the guarantee behind their work, and the testimonials that back up that work. Today, we’re going to talk about the value of a team with experience.

Experience & Big Clean Pressure Washing

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Here at Big Clean, we have over a decade of experience in the cleaning business. Experience lends itself to a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and it speaks to our passion for providing premium power washing services. It also means fewer mistakes, and a safe environment for ourselves and our clients.

Our Knowledge

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When it comes to proper power washing, knowledge counts. We know the right pressure and the right products to use to thoroughly clean all of your exterior surfaces without damaging those surfaces. We wouldn’t clean brick the same way that we’d clean vinyl siding. We wouldn’t pressure wash a deck the same way we’d power wash a driveway.

Our Expertise

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Knowledge and expertise go hand in hand. Beyond knowledge, expertise speaks to skill. We all know that practice makes perfect, and pressure washing certainly isn’t an exception to the rule. With each job, we strive to provide a better and better service. We’re honing in on perfection; that’s the advantage that expertise provides.

Our Passion

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We believe in doing what you love; and we love pressure washing. It’s rewarding to connect people with a clean home. It’s satisfying to see obvious progress with each spray swath. We bring passion to every pressure washing project, and that puts us one puzzle piece closer to providing excellence in our services.

Our Precision

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Nobody’s perfect. But we strive for perfection. That means no mistakes and no errors. In an individual project, we aim to work with your schedule. Then, we aim to show up on time. As we work, we work efficiently, and more importantly, effectively. We’re also thorough. Let’s say that we’ve spent the day cleaning the siding of your home. Well, that can lead to dirt and debris left throughout your property. We always clean up after we power wash; so you won’t be left with any of the mess, and you’ll never have to say, “You missed a spot.”


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Experience means safety. We often work atop ladders, and pressure washers do come with a degree of danger. We understand the hazards of our ever-changing work environments. Through experience, we minimize any danger surrounding our pressure washing services.

In short, Big Clean is synonymous with experience in the field of pressure washing; and it’s our experience that gives us the knowledge, expertise, passion, precision, and safety we rely on to execute excellence in every job we perform. You can learn more about our pressure washing services here, and don’t forget to check back soon, we’ll be continuing our blog series on what to look for from your pressure washing company here in Charlotte!


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