Pressure Washing for Father’s Day

//Pressure Washing for Father’s Day

This Pressure Washing for Father ’s Day, give the gift of a clean home with pressure washing from Big Clean! Dad’s domain is often the outdoors, and we’re here to make sure that your property is looking its absolute best. Make your papa proud of his domain with power washing!


Pressure Washing for Father

dreamstime_4413787Pressure Washing Your Deck

Oh how Pop prides himself in his deck. Legend has it that he built the thing with his bare hands (of which he reminds you on every occasion he gets). Each galvanized nail was hand-selected according to it’s weight, balance, and straightness. Each board was hand cut from redwood that was dried over warm coals for four days and five nights (and the story goes that the soul of the redwood forest resides in a knot within the board right before the doorway). It took three years to sand the boards (silk was used in lieu of sandpaper). The lacquer is a secret mixture of tree saps that have been imported from Japan, Portugal, Ghana, and West Virginia (there may also be a hint of prohibition-era grain alcohol infused into the mix). The deck even has a built-in umbrella in case the sun is overbearing.

But maintenance has gone neglected ever since your father set his sights on finishing the basement. The deck is covered in foot fungi. A nest of rabid squirrels have staked a claim in the corner. It’s time to kick the cobwebs with pressure washing, specially for your pop.

Pressure Washing for FatherPressure Washing Your Patio

What memories a slab of concrete can hold. Pop’s patio was where you broke your first bone (You tried to launch off of the patio swing, and your shirt got caught on a screw. Your nose has looked quite distinguished since the incident of ‘89). Dad’s patio is where you got grounded for letting the entire box of popsicles melt (you were in “solitary” [the basement] for “a week” [15 minutes]). Pop’s patio is the place where you learned to play Hearts, your dad’s favorite card game. Oh, and there was that time when you played hopscotch and broke your second bone… your arm.

You cherish the memories that you share with your father, that slab of concrete, and the hospital. It’s time that you treated the patio right. Get power washing services from Big Clean to get rid of that popsicle residue that’s still stuck in the cracks. And count on us to clean off

Pressure Washing Your Siding

Your father’s home may be made out of wood siding. It may be made out of vinyl siding. It may be made out of brick. Regardless of the surface, you find that the home is caked in mud from the last tornado. Smoke from the local sludge factory has turned your home ashen. You swear that there’s an airport nearby that caters only to well-fed pigeons (their droppings plaster your formerly pristine palace). Your dad’s castle has become a crud-covered cave. Reclaim the castle and put your pop back on his rightful throne.

Call on Big Clean to pressure wash the surface of your pop’s home. We use proper pressure to ensure that your home isn’t damaged, yet it’s perfectly clean.

Pressure Washing Your Driveway

Dad keeps all of his favorite toys in the garage: His faithful automobile, his four-wheeler, his three-wheeler, his hog (that’s what he calls his motorcycle, of course), the trailer, the truck, the power drill, the drill press, the chop saw, the table saw, the chainsaw, the riding mower, the boat, the jet ski, the kayak, the canoe, the pontoon, the airplane, the helicopter, the hot air balloon, the dirigible.

And with all of those toys, Pop is liable to dirty up the driveway with mud, marks, and oil droplets. Let us clean up Dad’s driveway with pressure washing. A quick power washing treatment will leave your father’s driveway sparkling clean.

Regardless of the services you need, you can count on the fellas here at Big Clean. Give your pop the full treatment with an all-inclusive pressure washing package. Or, if you’re on a tight budget (or if you still hold a grudge for being grounded back in ‘91), maybe cleaning the patio will do for this year. Give the gift of cleanliness to the man that taught you to take pride in your home. Give pressure washing services to your pop this Father’s Day! Many cheers to you and your old man on this happy holiday.


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