A Rust Stain Removal Magic Trick 99% Pressure Washing Guys Don’t Know

///A Rust Stain Removal Magic Trick 99% Pressure Washing Guys Don’t Know

will a pressure washer remove rust from concrete

It’s like a magic trick… once you know it, it’s easy & simple… yet, wow’s and delights those who are not behind the scenes 🙂

With rust stain removal, Big Clean HQ’s is where Charlotte homeowners go when they want the real pressure washing Magicians… NOT the Handyman special, who knows a little bit of this, and a little bit of that.

Big Clean HQ is where I spend my time exploring, learning and defeating exterior dirt and stains around your house, so you don’t have to. Rust stains are by far the trickiest. Simply applying high pressure to the surface does not remove the stain.

Two Common Rust Stains Around Your House

ONE: Drip, drip, drip goes the water from the HVAC to the catch-pan in your attic, down through the white pipe sticking out of most Charlotte homes.

If that pipe is on the second floor, the likelihood of rust stains appearing on the wall of your house is very good.

TWO: The second most common rust stain around the exterior of the house is on concrete patios and driveways. This is typically caused by grass fertilizer not being swept or washed off when it was applied to the lawn.

The result of fertilizer on your concrete is little rust spots that do not come up with high pressure. Again, using pressure washing machines and applying high pressure to the surface will damage it.

Working with Big Clean’s pressure washing experts affords you the best quality service at the best prices. The prices are indicative of efficiency. The right equipment + correct cleaning detergents + professional techniques = Efficiency

The most interesting thing here..?

The majority of pressure washing companies have no clue as to what it takes to remove stubborn rust stains on vinyl siding or concrete. Most of the pressure washing guys you’ll come across are handyman or painting companies – they do not specialize in power washing your house, driveway or deck.

Those pressure washing companies who do not know how to effectively remove rust stains from vinyl siding will use high pressure. High pressure against your house is guaranteed to leave permanent markings on the surface.

Here at Big Clean HQ we make it our business to know the secrets to remove virtually any stain on the exterior of your home… and if we cannot remove a stain, we simply tell you the truth about it.

Pressure washing with high pressure will never be the solution against your house – call Big Clean HQ to take care of your stubborn exterior stains.


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