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/Soft Wash Vs. Power Wash by Big Clean HQ
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Soft Wash Vs Pressure Wash

Many variables are in play when having the exterior of your house power washed.

Avoid Costly Amateur Mistakes & Accidents

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Soft Wash vs. Power Wash Charlotte, NC

Why Homeowners Love Big Clean HQ’s House Washing Service

Understanding the Difference Between Soft Wash And Power Wash

The Main Difference

  • Soft wash – Low Pressure Under 1500 PSI
  • Power Wash – High Pressure Over 1500 PSI

Note: Soft Wash Equipment Sellers Say Softwash is Under 600 PSI – It’s a Matter of Opinion.

The Key Difference

  • Soft Wash – The Right Soap Removes Dirt
  • Power Wash – The Right Pressure Removes Dirt

Note: Power Wash Can Use Soap, Soft Wash Cannot Use Pressure.

The Surface Difference

Soft Wash Surfaces depends on soap & low pressure washing
Power Wash surfaces require, & safely withstand high pressure

The Truth…

The term “soft wash” is nothing more than industry jargon.


It’s because many variables are in play when using a power washer to clean the exterior of your house.

For Example…

  1.  What material is being cleaned?
  2.  How close is spraying to surface?
  3.  What type of equipment is being used?
  4.  Is the right soap being applied?
  5. Is soap being used at all?

Our time & energy go into being the most efficient residential pressure washing company in Charlotte, NC.
Efficiency + smart tools + proven methods = Cheaper. Big Clean HQ Clients enjoy lower prices for top-tier quality

Avoid Costly Amateur Mistakes & Accidents. Trust Our Specialists.

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3 Step House Washing Process by Big Clean HQ
House Washing Process by Big Clean HQ