The Paradox of Choice when Hiring Pressure Washing Services

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If you dive even a little bit into the residential pressure washing service in Charlotte, NC then you’ll quickly realize… literally over 1000 people offer power wash services.

According to, there’s 1020+ pressure washing services in Charlotte – Angie recommends that you avoid 909 of them.

As of this post, touts 368 companies in Charlotte who offer pressure washing services through their service.

Here’s the rub…

Jack of all trades charlotteThe majority of people offering residential pressure washing services, do it as a side service or “convenient” add-on.

As with all jack-of-all-trades handyman, or starving painting companies that will take any work to make a buck… you typically find costly pitfalls for you.

When it comes to hiring a pressure washing company, expert know-how and experience saves you time, money and aggravation… here’s how.

Inexperienced handymen don’t know the secrets about pressure washing
a vinyl, brick or stucco house.

The biggest secret is, you don’t use direct pressure EVER.

Direct pressure will create permanent markings on your house because they get to close and strip the surface.

Inexperienced, or uncaring pressure washer’s use high volume industrial strength bleach. Overuse of bleach is deadly to your flowers and shrubs; primarily because the high levels of sodium found in sodium hydrochlorite(bleach) . Note: Low levels of diluted bleach doesn’t harm.

Expert techniques and know-how used for pressure washing concrete and wood decks is imperative if you want to avoid problems. Permanent markings on concrete, brick or wood is irreversible and will impact how your property looks.

Hiring anyone to do these jobs usually costs more in the long run.

Pressure Washing Competance,paradox hiringFinal thought: Pressure washing must be looked upon as a skilled-service. Many people say; “how hard can it be” So they hire only based on price – without looking into the value of an expert in the profession full time.

The good news is… the right tools and techniques to get the best result pressure washing around your house, without damaging your property, while giving you the best price, is available through Big Clean HQ.


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