Keep Your Pool Area Safe

//Keep Your Pool Area Safe


Sure, they can seep into the pool water and turn your emerald-colored oasis into a green stew, and that’s bad enough. And sure, they can clog a pool filter in a jiff. But what’s worse is that a bit of mold and grime can become as slippery as a grease spill. And with tots and tykes running full sprint around your pool, the tiniest bit of mold becomes a major liability. Oh, and beyond that, mildew around your pool just doesn’t look good.

Pressure Washing Your Pool-Area Concrete for Safety

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It’s a joyous Saturday. The sun is shining. The birds are chirping. Bees are buzzing near the crabapple tree. A soft wind rolls in from the northwest at four miles per hour – or perhaps it’s four-and-a-half miles per hour. There isn’t a cloud in this galaxy (or even the Andromeda galaxy for that matter). There’s charcoal smoldering on the grill. Ribs have been marinating in the kitchen refrigerator for 72 hours. Children frolic through the green grass as you check the pH balance in your pool. It’s perfect. You shout to the jubilant youth that surrounds you and beckon them to the pool. They flock like geese to a loaf of day-old bread. A pool party commences.

But there’s one major oversight!

The Jefferson kid, that athletic seven-year-old, takes a full sprint at the pool. The concrete around the pool is wet from a recent cannonball, and as young Jefferson leaps and tucks into a quadruple flip with a twist… Gasp!

Your four-year-old boy, Hector, slips nearby and skins his knee on the concrete.

While your guests swoon in admiration of the Jefferson phenom, Hector is wailing. His shrill yodel can be heard in the Ozarks.

You dash to kiss his boo-boo, and in your parent-powered fervor to care for your child, you neglect to note that you too may slip on the wet, moldy concrete! It’s too late to react and you find yourself sailing through the air. Making the most of your temporary flight, you tuck into a ball. You regain control of your body in a fashion similar to a feline that’s just fallen off of a balcony. You enter into a quintuple flip with a double twist. You pierce the surface of the pool with expert precision. However, your smartphone is ruined. Your contacts are lost. And Hector will require a bandaid.

This could have been avoided, you realize.

“A proper pool party host or hostess pressure washes the concrete around his or her pool,” you think to yourself. “Why didn’t I call Big Clean?” You know that we provide pressure washing services right here in Charlotte!

Pressure Washing Your Pool-Area Concrete for Looks

Keep Your Pool Area Safe

Upon shutting down the pool party, you immediately give our power washing company a call. This perilous pool problem must be abolished. The hazard must be erased like marker on a white board. The Big Clean team is on the job. We finish pressure washing your pool-area concrete, and give your driveway, patio, deck, and home a cleansing spray while we’re at your abode. You saunter to the mailbox to gather this week’s bills, and you realize: Holy smokes, my home couldn’t look better. Your jaw drags on the lawn as your eyes ogle the pristine vinyl siding. You’re speechless at the sight of your mark-free driveway. Your knees quake upon viewing the patio and deck. You choke back tears at the glory that is your restored pool.

Your home looks brand new. It glows. It radiates. Realtors gather en masse only to see the large no soliciting sign in which you’ve invested. You’re the talk of the town. The president asks for your autograph. The Queen of England knights you.

Ok, you’re delusional to the point of hallucinating… but your house really does look incredible. Your guests have never been more impressed. The value of your property has never been higher. There’s value in a thorough pressure washing job; and that’s exactly what we provide here at Big Clean: Thorough pressure washing services. It’s our duty to restore your property to its picturesque origins. It’s our responsibility to ensure that your surfaces are immaculate. It’s our job to make your walking surfaces safe. Reclaim your castle; transform your patio and deck into a summertime sanctuary; and return sanity and safety to your pool parties with pressure washing from Big Clean. After all, a proper pool party host or hostess pressure washes the concrete around his or her pool!


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