Pressure Washing for Party Time

//Pressure Washing for Party Time

Pressure Washing for Party Time

Summertime means party time. As summer comes into full swing, now’s the time to get outdoors and get partying. It’s an exciting time, and as the world’s best host, you couldn’t be more prepared.

So, you’ve opened up your pool, you’ve cleaned out the filter, and you’ve perfectly balanced the pH levels. You’ve uncovered your grill, and you’ve cleaned the grate. Then you purchased four bags of charcoal, and 18 bottles of lighter fluid. You stocked your freezer with 20 pounds of hot dogs, five full chickens, and half of a cow. You even purchased a four-pack of veggie burgers for your cousin Rachel. On top of that, you built 45 kabobs. You purchased 800 dollars worth of

completely legal fireworks. You combed your shedding dog so that the Clarkson boys don’t sneeze from their allergies. You trimmed the claws on your cat so that it doesn’t maim the Clarkson boys (everyone knows that Priscilla is prone to freaking out at the sound of a sneeze). You built your own kegerator out of the kitchen fridge (which the wife wasn’t terribly enthused about, but she doesn’t mind an occasional fresh-poured glass of suds). You mowed the lawn in a checker pattern for the first time, just to impress the guests. You even changed the oil in your car, but I suppose that has nothing to do with the impending party.


But it’s then, right as you’re half under the hood of your BMW, that you realize that your driveway is pocked with oil marks. It’s then that you realize that your pool is surrounded by a slimy layer of moss (which poses as a major hazard by the way). And it’s then that you realize that your home is brown, but it’s built of red brick. You need a thorough cleaning. You need the pressure washing services of Big Clean.

Here at Big Clean, we provide premium pressure washing services to folks throughout the Charlotte area. We’re here to make sure that your home is safe, clean, and beautiful, especially since summer time has rolled around. We understand your fervor for hosting the best parties this side of the Mississippi. That’s why we’re here to add the cherry on the top. We want your home to look brand new. We want your guests to look on in awe as they pull up to a home that’s so clean it might just sparkle in the right light. This summer is going to be the summer of ultimate parties. And it’s your duty as host to ensure that your ultimate parties are the talk of the neighborhood, the talk of the town, and the talk of the city. With Big Clean power washing, your parties might just make national news.

Party on, party safe, and enjoy your summer! Cheers from Big Clean of Charlotte – your pressure washing specialists. Please feel free to give us a holler to get your home (your castle) and the surfaces that surround it properly cleaned!


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