Taking Out Grapevine Grime

//Taking Out Grapevine Grime


pressure washing grapevine

While grapevines are well suited for planting near the wall of your home and their vines are appealing throughout the seasons, they can leave residue along your wall as the years pass. Now, during the summer years, your grape foliage will likely cover unsightly stains and grime, but as fall rolls around, you’re sure to see grime buildup and residue that’s been left by your vines. Now’s the time to get clean with pressure washing services from Big Clean, your Charlotte-area power washing company.

Get Rid of Vine Grime

Your patio’s your outdoor oasis, and it’s a space that you cherish. But you’ve found that the grapevines that you planted a decade ago have overgrown their bounds. They’re crawling beyond their lattice. Now, they’re all over the brick of your home. They completely blot out the sun. And they’re making their way into the roof gutter – and that can mean a major clog. It’s time to tame your vines. You pull out your pruning shears and your loppers. Starting with some major vines that go right into the soil, you cut and cut and cut. You fill up five wheelbarrows full of old vines. Now, the sun is glistening; your vines are healthy and they have plenty of room to thrive; and your home is protected from any harm that might otherwise have occurred. Oh, and you realize your vines have left a layer grime to take care of! Your exposed lattice is yellow and brown, not the bright white you remember. Your bricks are caked in a thin layer of dirt and sap. While vines may have left their mark on your home, they didn’t damage it, and there is a solution. The solution is power washing.

Now that you’ve reclaimed your outdoor oasis from those suffocating vines, it’s time to reclaim the beauty of your home with pressure washing services from Big Clean!


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